Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday's Obituary-Captain John VanBilliard

Captain John VanBilliard
7 April 1803-12 Sep 1875

I am posting about two of the obituaries published about one of my Paternal 3rd Great Grandfathers. The first, from Bethlehem's Daily Times, was published the afternoon after he died. It is only the first paragraph of what went on to be his entire life story. I just think the language is so noteworthy. The second one I just found on Genealogy Bank. It was published 14 Sep 1875 in the New York Commercial Advertiser. They seemed to publish the obituaries of "Prominent Men" from everywhere in "The Death Roll"

Capt. John Van Billiard.

It becomes our painful duty to day to announce to our readers the death of Capt. John Van Billiard, one among the oldest and highly esteemed burghers of the borough of Freemansburg. The event, which will be unlooked for, and the sad intelligence will be received by hosts of acqnantances with mingled feelings of sorrow and regret, took place at the old homestead, the well known hostelry, The Eagle Hotel, Freemansburg, At 7:15 last (Sunday) evening.
Captain John Van Billiard, a prominent citizen of Freemasburg, died at his residence at a quarter past seven o'clock P.M. Sunday. The deceased was injured six years ago by a spirited horse and never thoroughly recovered.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday-Susan Haas VanBilliard

Susan Haas VanBilliard

31 May 1866 - 10 Jan 1920

On Saturday I wrote about my Great Grandmother, this is her headstone

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surname Saturday-Susan Haas

Susan Haas is one of my paternal greatgrandmothers. She was born 31 May 1866 in Altoona, PA to Henry Haas and Sarah Nuspickle(how is that for a name?). She was the 8th of 9 children and the only girl. I don't know how long the family stayed in Altoona but the 1870 census has them in Bethlehem, PA. In the 1880 census she is 16 and "at home". I am sure she is very busy because this says that her mother and younger brother, Milton, have scarlet fever.

In 1885 Susan marries George VanBilliard. The notice in the paper was very simple:

"Bethlehem Daily Times: Name[Van Billiard, George Name[Haas, Susan Beckel_Index[George Van Billiard of South Bethlehem MARRIED Miss Susan Haas of Bethlehem, September 19, 1885 in Bethlehem by Reverend Isaac K. Loos"

The 1900 census has George and Susan living in Easton, PA, a neighboring town to Bethlehem. Living with them is Susan's widowed Mother, Sarah. Susan's father, Henry, had died 11 Feb 1888.They have 7 children at the time of the census, with Irwin being the youngest. My grandmother, Elizabeth, was born 1 Nov 1900 so they had 8 by the end of the year 1900. Irwin died 24 Jun 1902. In 1903 Margaret was born.

In 1910 they are back in Bethlehem, South Bethlehem to be exact. They have have 5 of the children still at home.

The 1920 census was enumerated on the 6/7 of January. They were still in South Bethlehem with 4 of their children at home. They also had a 4 year old grandson living with them. But this was a sad time. Susan was sick with Lukemia and she died 10 Jan 1920.