Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday's Obituary- Stephen R. Davis

Stephen R. Davis, Obituary, Martins Ferry Obituary File; Martins Ferry Public Library, Card file of obituary clippings, death; 7 Jun 2000, accessed; 27 Aug 2015
Stephen is my 2nd cousin once removed. His grandfather, Stephen Henry Fitzpatrick, was the older brother of my Great grandmother, Cecilia Fitzpatrick O'Donnell.

Stephen Fitzpatrick had been born in Nova Scotia Canada and he did not remain in Hazleton, Pennsylvania which is where some of the Fitzpatrick family settled when coming to the United States in 1870. Stephen married Isabell "Nappy" Dougherty at St. Gabriel Church in Hazleton, 2 Jan 1882. After about a year they went to Ohio and then eventually went to West Virginia. It does seem that the family kept some attachment to Ohio, as I have found that a few of them ended up back there as was the case of Stephen R. Davis. Stephen's mother was Stephen and Nappy's first child born 14 Mar 1883. She was born in Hazleton before they left for Ohio. And it was in Ohio that Margaret married Thomas Davis 19 Sep 1903. Stephen was their youngest child.