Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We're Related App - Dale Earnhardt

So I have been working on this all morning. I started a tree on Family Tree Maker for Dale Earnhardt and was able to take it back to our common ancestor, Anna Christina Walborn. It turns out that I also have this common ancestor with FB friend, Angie Bush.  Three of the daughters of Anna Christina Walborn and Johann George Lesch is how we are connected. I have not done the same with Angie as with Dale as yet. I have just spent most of the day working on this. Have to love the Pennsylvania Germans for keeping such great records!!!!

I have more to look at, but so far my app is giving me:

Lou Gehrig (baseball player) 8th cousin 2x removed

President Lyndon B. Johnson 9th cousin

Chace Crowford (actor) 8th cousin

Newt Gingrich (Newton Leroy McPherson) 7th cousin 1x removed

Christina Aguilera (singer) 8th cousin 2x removed

President Harry S. Truman 7th cousin 4x removed

President Dwight D. Eisenhower 7th cousin 3x removed

There is also Bruce Lee, actor and martial artist. But the tree that was shown for him had the wrong information for his father so I did not look into that anymore. I guess I could be related to Benjamin Franklin Lee 1909-1975, the person that is shone as the father of Bruce Lee. Tomorrow is another day and there are so many cousins to find.

I wonder if I'll be invited to Dale Jr.'s wedding now? LOL