Friday, April 29, 2011

The Story of John McCarry-The 6th Child

A few weeks ago I wrote about The Story of Miss Mary McCarry. In that story I mentioned that Mary was the second child of Irish immigrants Patrick and Margaret(O'Connell) McCarry. I knew from the 1900 census that they had 6 children but only 4 were living at that time. When I wrote about Mary I said that I had only accounted for 5 of the children. Yesterday I found information about John.
The 1880 Census found the family living in Lenox, Madison, New York with 4 children. They had another child, Margaret, still living in NY in 1881. City Directories had them back in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, PA before 1894. This was where their family was. I just did not know when they did return or when or where this 6th child had been born and what his story was. Yesterday I found his death certificate. According to this certificate he was born in 1884. And he was born in Manayunk. So the family had come back to Philadelphia by 1884. But this was a death certificate and I knew that he was not still alive in 1900. So the rest of the information was sad but expected. John died 19 May 1894 at 10 years old. Cause of Death was peritonitis from appendicitis. But something not expected, when he died at 10 years old he had an occupation listed as a mill hand. How different "childhood" was for our ancestors.

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