Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finding another Surname in the McCarry Family

Back in April I decided to order some death certificates from Pennsylvania. I have had Grandmom Mccarry's death certificate for years and since I have finally gotten death dates for her brother John and sister Kate I thought I would order them. I was hoping that their's would give me something I had not been able to find, their mother's maiden name! So along with Aunt Katie's husband Joe, I ordered the certificates. Now in Pennsylvania you have to start your wait when you see the check clear your account. So after the check cleared I marked my calendar to expect them around the 7th of August. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an envelope from PA Vitals the beginning of June! That was short lived. When I opened it I found Uncle Joe's death certificate, ok. But they sent me the death certificate for the wrong Catherine Taylor and  notice that they had no record for John Welsh.

Now Aunt Katie died in 1970 and Uncle Joe died in 1962 so they are not in the archived index. But Uncle John died in 1916 so I had looked him up in the index. I found that page was messed up and could not get enough information to find the correct John Welsh. This was why I decided to order his from the state, thinking that they had other ways of finding the record with the index the way it was. Well I was not giving up. I called Harrisburg and told them first that I had received the incorrect certificate for Catherine Taylor and started to explain about the index and John Welsh. The person I spoke to told me to resend the applications and give them any information I had. So I proceeded to write a letter giving all the information I had from the cemetery records and even sent them copies of these along with a copy of the index page indicating which John Welsh's I thought could be correct. I am sure that the vitals people hate seeing requests from me, I always send a lot of copies of information so they have more than enough!

Well the beginning of August I received the correct certificate for Aunt Katie but along with it I receive a notice saying that in order to give me the best possible copy of Uncle John's death certificate it would take another 4 weeks. Well it arrived yesterday! And it was worth the wait. Aunt Katie's had her mother's maiden name as Welsh, that was Aunt Katie's maiden name, and her father's name was unknown. I was thinking that Uncle John's would be the best bet all along because when he died Grandmom McCarry was still alive.  I was right! The informant was my great grandfather, James McCarry and while he had the parents born in Philadelphia not Ireland, Their names were there, John Welsh and Catherine Carr. so I finally have the maiden name for my 2nd great grandmother. Next for her is to find her death information!

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