Sunday, December 11, 2016

The continuing story of Jerome VanBilliard, Civil War Soldier

Jerome VanBilliard, CMSR folder, National Archives, Washington, DC
This past spring I received the Civil War Service Record for Jerome VanBilliard's service in the 153rd  PA inf. Very much the surprise find was this Prisoner of War record at a parole camp in West Chester, PA. This would mean he was taken prisoner during the battle of Gettysburg. I knew Jerome had been taken prisoner 29 Sep 1864 but not at the time of Gettysburg. Then looking at this again recently I saw something I missed before. After VanBilliard the initial is not a J it is an M. This record was not for Jerome but for his brother Martin. It was filed in the wrong VanBilliard CMSR. Both Jerome and Martin served in the 153rd for a 9 month enlistment that ended the end of July 1863. Somehow this record went to wrong brother's file.

So we know that Martin was at Gettysburg, but was captured. How about Jerome? Was he at the battle of Gettysburg? Well this question was answered by the records I recently received, Jerome's Carded Medical Records.

Jerome VanBilliard, Carded Medical Records, National Archives, Washington, DC
This card shows that Jerome was admitted to J.S.A. General Hospital at Camp Curtin, near Harrisburg, PA on 27 Jun 1863 and ret'd to duty 17 Jul 1863. So Jerome was in the hospital at the time of the battle suffering from Chronic Hepatitis. About 10 days after his return to duty he was mustered out at the end of the 9 month enlistment. A year later he re-enlisted into the 112th PA HA. In Feb of 1864 Martin re-enlisted to 47th PA inf.

So I have to make sure I check and double check ALL the information when looking at documents and not take for granted that all the records in a file are for the same person!

Thanks again Susan!!!

Everyone keep looking, you never know what you will find!

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