Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Photo Treasures for O'Donnell Family!

John Taylor Fitzpatrick, original in possession of author
My cousin Sue came to visit yesterday bringing me some photos of our family. We went through them looking at them all. Some we still have to figure out who they are but we had fun working on them. Some are stuck on the "magnetic" pages so I will have to work with that. My cousin has started an "O'Donnell Cousin" page on FaceBook and we are getting this photos on that for all to see but I wanted to do some blog posts on them to talk about who they are and the excitement of the find! So starting with this handsome gent here. We had no idea who he could be until I was able to turn over the photo to find this....

Uncle John was my great grand uncle and brother to my great grandmother Cecilia Fitzpatrick O'Donnell. He was born in Nova Scotia 3 June 1870 and was a few months old when the Fitzpatrick's came to Pennsylvania. His father James had come a few months before so Ellen brought baby John and the rest of the children to Pennsylvania. She traveled with her in-laws, Stephen and Jane Fitzpatrick, leaving them in Boston to stay with another of their sons, William.

John never married and in the 1940 Census he had a farm in York County, Pennsylvania and the record showed this was where he was in 1935. Sometime before 1950 he came to be living in Philadelphia with my grandparents. He died in their house 30 April 1950. My grandmother was the informant on his death certificate. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

I want to continue to show the photos I was given with posts telling what I have found out about the people in the photos. So stay tuned for more!

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