Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentimental Sunday-Mom and Dad

My Dad and Mom, George C. O'Donnell, Sr and Catherine M. McCarry. In the late 1940's they both worked for the Yellow Cab Company in Philadelphia, PA. George was a cab driver and Cass was a dispatcher, but they did not know each other at work. They were introduced by my Mom's best friend, Jean Rose, who also knew Dad. Another friend was getting married and Jean asked Cass to help put up the decorations for the shower. She knew that George was also helping. Dad always told the story that he was putting up the decorations and Mom was going behind him taking them down because she did not like how he was doing it. She was always a perfectionist. It was a little while after that they started dating and later became engaged. This is their engagement picture. Once she broke off the engagement, the week before Easter. They had a date to go with two other couples to Valley Forge on Easter Sunday. Cass called George on Good Friday to ask if their date was still on and he said "I guess so". So the engagement was also back on. They were married, October 14, 1950.

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