Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Ladies Day

"THE AUNTS"this was the wedding of my father's youngest sister(my aunt)the woman to the left of the groom(how did a guy get in this?) anyway, this is my grandmother, the two women to her left are my grandfather's sisters(more aunts), the woman seated and the two on the groom's right are my grandmother's sisters(more aunts)


my mother (first one in front on the left)and the neighbors on the street had a "club", getting together each week at one house and they collected dues and then once a year they would take that money and have a night out, this year it was the Latin Casino Night Club(the Sixties)

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  1. I received a picture similar to your second one from a relative, but it was a huge panaramic, old and rolled into a tube. It cracked when trying to unroll and view. I was able to scan segments though. You picture reminded me of that!