Monday, February 27, 2012

the 1940 Census is coming!!!

I am really excited about the release of the 1940 Census. In the 1930 Census I was able to find both sets of grandparents with their own families for the first time since both were married late in the year 1920. I was also able to see my parents. My Dad was born in 1922 so he was turning 8 that July. And my Mom was born in 1925 so she was turning 5 in September of 1930.

The 1930 Census showed my Dad living in Bethlehem, PA. The family consisted of my grandfather, David, grandmother, Elizabeth, my dad, George, my uncles, Con and Charlie and my aunt, Betty. But they were living with my grandfather's mother, Cecilia along with my grandfather's sister Elizabeth, her husband and three children and another of my grandfather's brothers and another sister. Wow, talk about a big family! But I do know that later in 1930 my father's little part of this family moved to Philadelphia and in 1931 my Uncle Dave was born. So it will be interesting to see the family in 1940. My Dad will be going on 18 and in a couple of years he would be going into the Army. So I know where they lived in Philadelphia so I should not have any problem finding them on April 2nd.

So who are you hoping to find in the 1940 Census????

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