Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The O'Donnell family in 1940

Like everyone else I was so excited for yesterday to check out the 1940 Census. I had to work in the morning so I had to wait until I got home. Well I was not able to get in. So I put it all aside and did some indexing. And in the evening had my first 1940 Census indexing project. It went well.

This morning I had to work but I thought I would see what was happening while I waited for my daughter to be ready to leave. So at 5:30 this morning I put in my Dad's family address in 1940, 2318 Wallace Street, Philadelphia, PA. After I put in all the surrounding streets only one ed came up for me to check out. So I clicked on 51-230 and to my surprise it opened right up to the first image. I did not have many images to look at before finding them on sheet 7A. They were right at the top and my Grandfather was line one and my Uncle Charlie was line five. So they were given the Supplementary Questions.

Well I was just so excited but I had to go to work and was not able to look at it at all. So I downloaded it and hurried home after work to read it.

My grandfather, David, was 42. He worked 40 hours the previous week as a Chauffeur for a publisher(he was a truck driver for a Philadelphia newspaper). His earnings for 1939 were $796 and they paid $23 a month rent. My dad, George, was 17 and he had worked 60 hours the previous week as a grocery delivery boy. He earned $252 in 1939. Hi brothers and sister were all in school. They were living in the same place in 1935.

So now that I have this information it is on to finding some more people!


  1. I'm glad the census has finally arrived. I've been a bit too busy to look at it yet, but I'm looking forward to this weekend.

    Happy Blogiversary by the way...

    Regards, Jim
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