Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing Around With Genealogy Software

Just a year ago I broke down and bought an IMAC. I have always had a PC but I had seen this beautiful 27" screen on the MAC at Best Buy and just kept thinking about it. All I had before I bought it was an HP mini, my larger lap top had bit the dust. So I bought the IMAC. Among other things to get used to was the fact that I had just a few months before started using Legacy for my data base. I had always used Family Tree Maker before that and I was really liking Legacy, but I could not use that on the MAC without loading Windows on it. the Apple guy at Best Buy told me I could try Crossover. So I did that, but was not happy with the way it ran Legacy. He had also told me that I could load windows through Boot Camp instead of putting Parallels on, because he said that would slow down my computer. So I decided to try this.

Well I am not the most computer savvy person, that was my husband Frank, but I had loaded software before. Well it was a disaster! I ended up having to take it the Apple store and I thought I had lost my operating system! But I didn't do as much damage as I thought, thank goodness!!!! But that has made me rethink this whole windows on my MAC thing... So I am thinking I will give in to having the MAC I wanted and not try turning it into a PC. I still have my HP mini to run windows stuff on after all. So last night I downloaded the demo version of Reunion to try it out. I am kinda liking it so far. But this is just the demo so I am not sure yet.

I guess I am wondering if anyone else has anything to say about Reunion software.

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