Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday-The Gallagher's and the McCarry's

A couple of weeks ago I received the death certificate for my great grand uncle, Patrick J. McCarry. I found that he was buried in Westminster Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. So I went there last Wednesday to find his grave and I was hoping that I would find his wife, Fannie (Frances) Gallagher, also. I had been there last year and found the plot that Fannie's father had purchased. But Patrick and Fannie are in a different plot. The other plot contained 4 graves, this one has 10 and it's owner is Sarah Kelly. The family doctor that had signed Fannie's family death certificates was J. V. Kelly living at 138 Rector Street, Manyunk, Philadelphia and the informant on the father's certificate was Mrs. J.V. Kelly of 138 Rector Street. I had suspected that one of Fannie's sisters had married the doctor and this told me more so.
This plot's graves contain of course Fannie and her husband, but also one of her brothers and also some of her sisters,  brothers in law, a sister in law and nieces and nephews. There are only stones on two of the 10 graves, this is one of them for her niece, Mary J. Gallagher. Patrick and Fannie are in the grave next to this one.
I have gotten caught up in the last week with sorting out the Gallagher's in these two plots and they are not even my direct family, just the in-laws! But I get so involved with the stories and have figure it all out before I can stop. These two families came together in Manyunk. The other McCarry siblings left that area, his older sister joined the convent, his younger sister moved to California, his brother James, my great grandfather moved to South Philadelphia. Patrick and Fannie stayed in Manyunk, most likely because of her family, but they stayed and they are all buried just across the river from where they lived.

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