Friday, May 5, 2017

More on Mine Accident!

The Wilkes-Barre Record (wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)~Thu, Oct 15, 1914~page 7~accessed 3 May 2017
This has been such a great Genealogy week! I discovered that using my library membership gave me access to Ancestry's and I have been finding so much information! Loving it!

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)~Fri, Oct 16, 1914~Page 24~accessed 3 May 2017
After I posted the article on Wednesday I found these two articles that were published in the couple of days after the accident. I had first found out about Manus in 2003 when I started talking to the Church office at St. Gabriel's in Hazleton. In a letter I received with baptism records it was mentioned that there was a death record for October of 1914 for Manus O'Donnell age 21. Then a few year ago I found the records for the Pennsylvania mining accidents and found Manus O'Donnell on the list for and accident on 14 October 1914. Then when the PA Death Certificates came on line I found Manus' certificate and then I found that Manus' uncle, Andrew McKelvey, also died in the same accident! Andrew was married to Mary O'Donnell and sister to Manus' father, Cornelius. Andrew and Mary had 9 children with the youngest being just 4 years old when Andrew died. Mary went on raising her family in a house on East Diamond Avenue. Her address showed over the years as the residence of her children, married and not, also a couple of her brothers that had never married. After Mary died in 1943 it was all carried on by her daughters.

Reading these articles just adds something to this story more than just how they died. Gives more to the story both information and sadness. Seeing the note at the end of the first story about how Manus was to be married on 15 October 1914. Then the second article published on the 16th tells you that Manus died on 15 October 1914 instead of getting married that day!

In finding these articles and seeing how much the O'Donnell and Fitzpatrick families lost to the mines  it gives credibility to my theory that after Manus and Andrew's deaths she took her family away from Hazleton that got her children out of the mines!

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