Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Walsh Finds in Find My Past

"Philadelphia Catholic Parish Records" Database. Archdiocese of Philadelphia Sacramental Registers, 1775-1917. (FindmyPast.com:accessed 27 Jul 2017), entry for John Walsh, baptized 30 Sep 1877; citing St. Matthew Church, Conshohocken, Baptism, Sep 1877, pg 196, Find My Past.
On Thursday and Friday last week I had some great finds! I had been following emails going in the chain for Greater Philadelphia APG for a few days seeing that Find My Past was going to be releasing a new record set from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia! That got me excited and I had to check it out. On Thursday the link was there to get the list of Parishes that were included in the release. I was thrilled to see ones that I was interested in so I had a further look. I just started putting in the McCarry names but did not find anything. So I tried John Walsh. This was my great grandmother, Bridget Walsh McCarry's father and brother's name. Some hits came up with a birth year that worked for her brother. It showed Conshohocken for the location. I knew that lived in Conshohocken, Montgomery County, a suburb of Philadelphia. That was their location in the 1880 census and it was on Bridget's marriage license. So I opened up the transcription first and started reading. It gives the name, birth date, baptism date, parents names and name of the parish. When I reached the parents names I was surprised! Father: John Walsh, Mother: Catherine Neylan? John's death certificate said his mother's name was Catherine Carr! His father's death certificate said his mother's name was Catherine Niland! Ok, what's happening here???? So I went over to the image page and the above is that full page image. John is on the left 3rd from the bottom. Below is the close up. This gives the godparents which does not show on the transcription.

I went on to try finding the other Walsh children to see what I would find. Well I found Bridget next.

This record also had the mother as Catherine Niland(the spelling I have usually seen) and the godmother is Anna Niland. I have an Annie Malloy that was much involved with the family and when I found her death certificate I found that her maiden name was Niland! So then I found the oldest son, Thomas.

Thomas' also had the mother as Catherine Niland and his godmother is Bridget Niland. Bridget Niland owned the grave where John and Catherine Walsh are buried. Also Bridget Niland died while living with James and Bridget McCarry. There were two more Walsh children, Patrick and Catherine, but I was not able to find records for them.
So I am trying to figure out how the mother's name was Niland not Carr??? Maybe Bridget was confused when her father died and gave her parents names instead of her father's parents names??? But then where did Carr come from on her brother's death certificate??? I have nothing for Thomas. Family lore has that he went out to work and they never heard from him again. The youngest of the Walsh children was Catherine. I knew her, she died in 1970. But her death certificate along with Bridget's does not list their mother's name. As for Patrick I have not been able to find anything except he is on the 1800 census but nothing else has been found.

Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, marriage certificate no 473344 (1923) McCarry-Crawford, FamilySearch, Find My Past.
The other find I had was on Friday. This is the marriage license for one of my grandfather's brothers, Thomas McCarry.
So I need to check out these records some more and hope I find some more things!
If you have family from Philadelphia or surrounding area, you might want to check this out. It only goes to 1917. I do know that you have go to the individual parish to get any records for 1920 and after.
So I will just keep on looking!

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