Sunday, August 6, 2017

Marriage licenses in Find My Past

Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, Marriage Certificate No. 433346, (1920) accessed 10 Mar 2011, McCarry-Gunther; Philadelphia County Orphans Court, Philadelphia
I have been having such fun over the last week finding records that are new in Find My Past! This is the first time I have found so much on this site. I am liking this! One of the new things is the Marriage License images and this is really great! These are the Philadelphia marriage licenses and have not been online before. You had to order or go to the courthouse in Philadelphia. I had a learning curve at first which led to the post I made on Facebook the other day. In 2011 I had been in Philadelphia for something at GSP. So before the meeting I went to the courthouse and ordered my grandparents marriage license. I received it in the mail the following week.This is what the cover looks like for a copy.

After I went to the Philly Archives and saw some on microfilm I saw that the name of the church was sometimes was written on the cover. So that was why I was looking for the church. So after I called the archives for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and found out the church name because I had the name of the priest, I was so excited in finding out that it was Saint Anthony of Padua church. Then later in the day I was working on finding records for my grandparents and one of the pages of their license came up but I couldn't find other pages until I saw that you had to open one page at a time(like I said I didn't have a lot of experience using Find My Past). Then I spoke to a friend and she was looking at the same time and found that you had to open them up one page at a time. So this page came up.

United States Marriages, Find My Past ( accessed 3 Aug 2017),  marriage certificate no. 433346, (1920), McCarry-Gunther
This is the return that was sent back to the court by the person that performed the ceremony. It was copied with the cover page as you can see it is different than the one I had. You can see St Anthony written on the bottom. So there was the answer on the original. I'm just glad to have it now. So after this I started going through and finding marriage licenses for my McCarry's and finally I did find my Parents' license. I already had their copy of the license but this gave me the whole story.

United States Marriages, Find My Past ( 3 Aug 2017), marriage certificate no 892745, (1950), O'Donnell-McCarry
I still have more work to do and I am getting a bit more comfortable with Find My Past. So I'll keep going, I'll keep on looking!

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