Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Child-Baby James McCarry

When my Grandmother spoke of him she called him Baby James. I guess that was partly because they later had another son they called James. But Baby James was the first child of James and Theresa McCarry. I found out the details that Nana never spoke about when I went to Holy Cross Cemetery looking for Catherine and Emil Gunther, Baby James' maternal grandparents. I found that he is buried with them. James' cemetery card said that he was 10 months old when he died on 1 Aug 1922 and that his cause of death was Stomach Trouble. I ordered his death certificate and it recently arrived. His date of birth was 14 Sep 1921 and the cause of death was Tuberculosis Meningitis. I don't have a photo of a headstone because there is none, but I wanted to write about him.

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  1. I have a very similar story. My grandparents first child died at 12 days old. My grandmother took Baby Grace to Corpus Christi to show her off to the family for Thanksgiving. While getting off the bus (it was raining) her rain coat got caught in the door and she fell with the baby. She is buried in the same cemetery as her parents, but there is no marker. Most of the family did not even know she existed. She was pretty much forgotten. I can tell you from experience with Baby Grace, Baby James is grateful you have not let him be forgotten and you are sharing his story. Laura