Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Child-Baby James McCarry

When my Grandmother spoke of him she called him Baby James. I guess that was partly because they later had another son they called James. But Baby James was the first child of James and Theresa McCarry. I found out the details that Nana never spoke about when I went to Holy Cross Cemetery looking for Catherine and Emil Gunther, Baby James' maternal grandparents. I found that he is buried with them. James' cemetery card said that he was 10 months old when he died on 1 Aug 1922 and that his cause of death was Stomach Trouble. I ordered his death certificate and it recently arrived. His date of birth was 14 Sep 1921 and the cause of death was Tuberculosis Meningitis. I don't have a photo of a headstone because there is none, but I wanted to write about him.